Wolverine Swim Clinics, LLC

Our clinics are designed to teach and practice efficient techniques.  The foundation for all fast swimming is an efficient, hydrodynamic platform.  Once this platform has been established then kicking, pulling, underwater harmonics, starts, and turns can be developed to optimal levels.  We spend the first 1 hour working on establishing and strengthening the swimmer's static platform (ie. floating motionless on their stomach or their back).  The last 2 1/2 hours are spent on developing the most efficient techniques for the focus of the clinic.

Swimmers are grouped by age and are assigned to a coach in groups of 3-4.  We want each swimmer to get as much 1:1 attention as possible.

We utilize under and above water cameras with video replay to enhance the speed of learning.  We also show videos of world class swimmers performing the skills we are trying to develop.  The brain is quick to notice differences in technique and thus the learning process is enhanced.

For first time clinic swimmers we do a 30 minute presentation on the neurology of learning and skill development.  According to research, once people understand the "why" behind learning skills they are 65% more likely to persist in the face of failure.  This kind of resiliency is critical in developing the minds and skills of young people...and also adults!  Parents are enouraged to stay for this presentation.

We look forward to working with your swimmer at some point in the future.